In 2015, I made a choice and decided to learn and build some electronic projects. Since we live in a digital age where we have Google, YouTube and millions of people that just want to share and teach what they know, and yes…for free!  With an almost infinity resources at the tip of your fingers it is easy to get started.

Anyone would think that thousands of resources on the internet is a good thing…..True!!! But, as always, one must be careful not to step into landmines or, worst, get overwhelmed by too much information. It is easy to wander around, get lost and finally get so frustrated that you will want to quit (and throw your project through the window). So my suggestion is: set some attainable goals, take small steps toward them and get a medium to long time framework.  Let me give you some bad news already….you will get frustrated!! But perseverance…pays off!!

Thanks to all the hackers and hobbyist around the web that have spread their knowledge and has helped me and others learn more. So now it’s my turn to share my projects and help others.

To my daughters…

“Pursue your dreams…and you will be happy!!”

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